The Constitutional Kaupapa Inquiry (Wai 3300) began in December 2022, before the change of government in November 2023. It has…

Hua Parakore

The US’s efforts to oppose GM restrictions conflicts with environmental integrity and Māori rights and interests.


Māori data sovereignty and digital governance protect mātauranga and rangatiratanga. The Crown’s is failing to actively safeguard Māori rights in…

Rongoā Māori

The Therapeutic Products Bill imposes Western standards on Rongoā Māori, potentially violating Te Tiriti o Waitangi. The legislation may be…

Te Taiao

Māori resistance against environmental threats, such as mining and climate change impacts, is hindered by international agreements favoring corporate interests

Te Waka Kai Ora

The US has led a long campaign against restrictions on GM on behalf of its agribusiness and seeks rules in…


Whakapapa and mātauranga Māori, a mātou kōrero (our stories), te reo and tā moko, waiata and haka, whakairo and raranga,…

Wai 262

The WAI 262 claim addressed the ownership and use of Maori knowledge, cultural expressions, indigenous species of flora and fauna.

Te Waka Kia Ora

Genetic Modification Māori have long resisted genetic modification (GM) and GM organisms (GMOs) as incompatible with the protection of mātauranga…


Māori art, language, and culture are exploited by powerful transnational corporations through “free trade” agreements.