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Mediation Agreement

MFAT acknowledges and agrees to work alongside Nga Toki …

Wai 3342 Memorandum April 2024

WAITANGI TRIBUNAL Wai 3342 CONCERNING the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 AND a claim by …

Wai 3342 Statement of Claim

A claim by Pita Tipene, Moana Maniapoto, Donna Kerridge, George Laking, India Logan-Riley and Veronica Tawhai for and on behalf of Ngā Toki Whakarururanga (TBC)

Te Tiriti o Waitangi Assessment

NZ-UK FTA: Māori Business, Kaimahi and Wāhine Māori

The Trade and Gender chapter is soft in its promises and unenforceable.

NZ-UK FTA: Māori Trade and Economic Cooperation Chapter

The chapter on Māori Trade and Economic Cooperation makes no attempt to address Māori rights, interests, duties and responsibilities under Te Tiriti. The chapter is unenforceable.

NZ-UK FTA: what it means for Mātaurunga Māori, Wai 262 & Te Pae Tawhiti

The Intellectual Property (IP) chapter is the biggest threat.

NZ-UK FTA: Mātauranga Māori, Data and Digital Trade

Rangatiratanga, and kaitiakitanga of taonga, including whakapapa, require systems of Māori data sovereignty and Māori data governance, and effective protections against abuse, which aren’t in place in Aotearoa

Te Tiriti o Waitangi me He Whakaputanga: Tino Rangatiratanga

When Ngā Toki Whakarururanga got special access to specific information on 22 December 2021 it was too late to be effective, had to be kept secret so it couldn’t be shared, and most input had no effect.

NZ-UK FTA: Te Tiriti o Waitangi Assessment – What and Why?

Why a Tiriti-based analysis is necessary

NZ-UK Free Trade Agreement: “a missed opportunity”

“Māori should have been celebrating this trade deal as a high point that sets a new bar for a 180-year relationship with the Crown, a model for how Māori rights and responsibilities are protected in these agreements,” said Mr Tipene. “That hasn’t happened and it’s a missed opportunity. If not with this FTA, when?

NZ-UK FTA: Te Tiriti o Waitangi Assessment

This Tiriti o Waitangi Assessment has been prepared by the Ngā Toki Whakarururanga Establishment Group as part of our mandate set out in the Mediation Agreement with the Crown arising from the Wai 2522 Inquiry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and the subsequent Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

International Treaty Examination of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Modern Day Colonialism of Maori

Memorandum of Understanding between Ngā Toki Whakarururanga Establishment Group and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade regarding the proposed Political Declaration between New Zealand and the European Union

The purpose of this MOU is to guide the application of the Mediation Agreement for …

Te Rangitūkupu MoU

A basis for the partnership between MFAT and Māori entities to work together on hosting
APEC 2021

Statement to the IPEF Negotiating Meeting

Statement to the IPEF negotiating meeting, Brisbane, December 2022