Te Pae Tawhiti 2040

Vision Statement 2040

He Whenua Rangatira

Tō Tātou Kaupapa:

Kia pūmau ki te kupu, tutuki noa ngā taonga tuku iho

Te Tiriti o Waitangi me He Whakaputanga

We are an independent and sovereign nation

Our Purpose:
To hold fast to the promise to advance and protect our legacies

Our duty and responsibility is to protect and advance Māori rights according to Te Tiriti o Waitangi me He Whakaputanga

Ā Tātou Tikanga

Our Core Principles

Mō te iwi te take

Service to the people


Protect and enhance our reciprocal relationships within the natural world


Uphold Māori self-determination and mana motuhake


Foster reciprocation


Restore balance by asserting Te Tiriti o Waitangi me He Whakaputanga

Mauri tū, mauri ora

Protect life force and quality of being


Our identity and spiritual connection

Ahi kā

Continuity to place and belonging

Kōrero ā toi

Sovereignty over our communication and language

Ngā Whāinga

Key Goals

Whāinga 1. To strengthen our foundations

(a) We are fully sustainable

(b) Our structures, system and policy are robust

(c) Our attitude is one of continuous improvement

(d) We hold ourselves accountable to te iwi Māori, ngā tamariki mokopuna hoki

(e) We will set the bar by providing high quality Te Tiriti advice and analysis

Whāinga 2. Rangatiratanga in trade related spaces

(a) Understand kaupapa Māori needs in trade-related spaces

(b) Deliver education and empowerment programmes for Māori communities effected by trade agreements (Wai 2522)

(c) To be a hub for discourse on rangatiratanga in trade-related spaces

(d) Develop and implement a tikanga-based trade approach

Whāinga 3. We will create and enhance strategic relationships

(a) Iwi Māori whanui: implement 2(a)-(c)

(b) Iwi taketake: advocating Indigenous-to-Indigenous relationships

(c) Kāwanatanga: work in a mana enhancing relationship of equals

(d) Māori entities in trade-related spaces: cultivate a cohesive approach